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Here you find an overview of the tools I used until now. If there is a change I will provide an update asap.

It should be as easy as possible to put a robot together. So:
– All parts should be available via internet without tailoring
– Soldering should not be necessary
Until now this works for us, but it does mean that some parts can be cheaper if you are handy with soldering and are skilled with a hacksaw.

The chassis

If you are patient enough, there aren’t a lot you tools you need beside the tools that come with the x-maxx. But I’m not that patient. So I used:

  • Trays with and without magnets: to temporarily store screws;
  • Paper: to clean up the mess from the shock oil. Also handy if you cut yourself;
  • Duct tape: to temporarily fasten the main drive rod and the Hall-sensor while it is being stuck to the sprockets cover;
  • Glue to stick the Hall-sensor to the sprockets cover;
  • Grease for the sprockets;
  • Tie wraps to fasten the loose wires;
  • Locktite: for securing the screws in metal (only metal) bolts;
  • A sharp knife, always handy for opening packaging;
  • A screw driver: to help remove the receiver from the chassis;
  • Allen key 1.5;
  • Allen key 2.0;
  • Allen key 2.5;
  • Same Allen key as bits for a drill;
  • Pliers to hold bits and cut;

For the other component groups

Tools for the frame

  • Allen key 3;
  • Allen key 4;
  • Allen key 5;
  • Socket wrench 10;
  • A drill for the holes for the cable glands in the enclosure;
  • (About the saw and metal-file: although shown on the picture I’m not sure these are necessary)

With this tool set I didn’t do the makeover of the x-maxx chassis. The necessary tools are mentioned in the video’s.
I have to confess that I asked the retailer to put it together.
For the next robot I will do it myself and explain how this works.

For now the next step: The frame, enclosure and connections

0.3-20040615:51 Tools for the chassis
0.2-2004011310 new tool set

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