My friend Massy asked me to make available all the knowledge we developed in building our test robot. He convinced me that in our current situation, the robots might be very useful to deliver shopping for people who can’t leave their house for instance
So I agreed to give this a try.
If you think that some solutions are not very handy, I guess you’re right. I’m just functional architect for software systems. Robot hardware is new for me.

But lets start.

I cleaned up our workshop, so the table is free to make pictures and to show the steps to build a robot.

Oke, I didn’t clean it all up, I more or less moved it to the other side.

At the end you should have a small, personal, self driving robot. This robot should be able to operate as autonomous robot to pick up and deliver groceries and medications without the need for physical contact.
I’m going to show how we make our robot as an example. When you built one you can use the software from MWLC, the company I work for, for free as long as it is for your personal use and you don’t use it for commercial purposes. For any commercial, educational or professional use you should get the appropriate, paid license from MWLC.
You can control the robot via internet and have it autonomously driving straight roads and simple turns.

In my example I start with a Traxxas X-Maxx. Of course it is also possible to use other RC cars. The makeover is done in 5 stages (see: Content) and is reversible:

  1. Change the X-Maxx to the chassis
  2. Assemble and connect the frame
  3. Connect the power, power-supply, the battery
  4. Assemble and connect the computer
  5. Assemble and connect the router and camera

This is an example. Don’t hesitate to improve it or reduce the cost with alternative parts. Some parts are necessary for the software:

  • The computer should be a Nvidia Jetson Nano
  • The steering and speed commands need to go to the motor and steering servo via an Arduino Uno Rev3
  • The speed feedback needs to go via the Arduino.
  • The robot needs connection with the cloud

We shall end up with something looking like this:

Lots of people will recognise this.

Just missing the red hood.

Next step: The tools

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