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The straps

A strap is attached to the longitudinal beams from the front left corner of the enclosure to the back right corner and another strap is attached from the from right to the back left corner using:

  • 4 sliding blocks M5
  • 4 Allan screws M5*12
  • A few big and small washers to fasten de strap

The strap goes under the enclosure and carries it. The screws attach the strap to the beams and keep the enclosure in place.
The top of the enclosure should be on the same level as the top of the longitudinal beams.

The enclosure should be big enough for the batteries, computers and routers. The example uses a box of 23*30*11,1 cm.

I used orange straps.
My colleagues think it might be better to use metal hooks to support the box.
Anyway it looks like this:

Possibly it will change, so the longitudinal beams are under the crossbeams, then the enclosure wil sit lower. This might be useful. Although the led lights will be less visible. We will see.

Cable glands and holes

  • 2 * hole for cable charging battery
  • 2 * hole for power to ESC
  • 1 * hole for cable antenne 4G
  • 1 * hole for 3 wires ESC/Steering-servo control
  • 1 * hole for 3 wires rpm-sensor
  • 1 * hole for ethernet connection camera
  • 1 * hole for 3 wires camera

0.2-2004031209 Bigger enlcosure
0.1-2004021412 Attached straps

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